A 13-year-old-boy, Harsha, smiles as he holds his right hand up to his right ear, showing his new BTE hearing aid

Living his life out loud: Harsha’s story

Every year, over 27,000 children in India are born with hearing loss. Worldwide, hearing loss is the second most common impairment and one of the most severe forms…

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training batch

RCI – CBID Training Program

Admissions are now open for the 2nd batch of the RCI-CBID certification programme. Interested candidates may apply here: RCI-CBID-Application – CBM (cbmindia.org). The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)…

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A seminar on building community resilience

CBM India Trust conducted a one-day orientation seminar on “Village Disaster Management and Safeguarding Strategy Formulation” in New Tehri, Uttarakhand. Tehri is home to around 6.18 Lakh people…

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Stitching clothes and lives in rural Bengaluru – an example for entrepreneurs

According to the National Center for Disability Statistics, women with disabilities are less likely than men with disabilities to complete high school, college, or graduate school. They face…

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club foot - CBM India

How awareness of a simple remedy can minimise the rate of clubfoot among our children

Fifty thousand children are born with clubfoot in India, but only eight thousand receive treatment yearly. While it is a congenital leg deformity, clubfoot can be corrected with…

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inclusive education - cbm india

Teaching Basic Computer Skills to Change Lives

Youth education and employment are top policy priorities in India. However, this country’s unemployment rate among underprivileged youths (15-34 years) was roughly 25% in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic…

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health care centre inaguration

A New Model in Eye Care: Integrating Eye Care into Primary Health Centres

CBM’s eye care programmes are comprehensive. They are aimed at eye health in terms of promotion, prevention, curative interventions, and rehabilitation at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels…

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accessibility in india

Accessibility for All is Freedom for All

Today, over 27 million people in India live with some form of disability. Even with the advances that have been made in recent years, persons with disabilities cannot…

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eye care

Restoring Sight in Rural Tamil Nadu

Visual impairment is a serious health challenge that is acute in India. In majority of the cases, the primary reasons for blindness are refractive error and cataract that…

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flood relief

Project Shakthi lends Gopi Strength in the Aftermath of Floods

Kerala, home to serene backwaters, was rattled by torrential rains, which caused heavy flash floods in August 2018. The state had not seen floods of this magnitude in…

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cyclone fani

Janaki – A Testament to Resilience

Janaki, a 46-year-old woman who has post-polio residual palsy, smiles despite being severely affected by cyclone Fani. The deadly cyclone Fani tore through 14 districts in Odisha on…

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Survival after Cyclone Amphan

Survival after Cyclone Amphan – The Story of an Elderly Couple

“We knew the cyclone would hit, like it does every year, like last year’s Bulbul, but no one thought it would get this bad.” – A resident in…

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Vembanadu Clean - Rajappan - CBM India

Aiding Rajappan in his Attempt to Keep Vembanadu Clean

In the torrential monsoon of 2018, Manjadikkari colony in Kumarakom, Kerala, faced devastating losses. The hamlet that is home to 39 Below-poverty-line households is removed from the rest…

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Archa’s Hopeful Tale - CBM India

Archa’s Hopeful Tale

“When one door of happiness closes, another door of happiness opens” – Helen Keller The catastrophe of COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives and economies across India. With case numbers…

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livelihood intervention - CBM India

Supported livelihood intervention

CBM provided need-based rehabilitation services for the flood-affected population. • Having identified women as the most marginalized victims of the disaster, CBM attempted to reduce gender gaps by…

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humanitarian day activities

CBM responds to FANI

FANI, the deadliest cyclone since 1999 hit coastal Odisha on 3rd May 2019. CBM’s Emergency response planned ahead of time sprung up to action working closely with the…

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Radha - donate for surgery - CBM India

Radha, the 80-year-old Social Butterfly

Looking at the Radha, Shakespeare would have surely remarked “What’s in an age!” She might be 80-years-old, with two sons, but that never stopped her from flitting about…

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Education of Children Who Are Visually Impaired

Rudolf: Bethany Society’s Mini-Tiger Shroff

Rudolf is the six-year-old star of Bethany society. He aspires to be the next Tiger Shroff when he grows up. Seeing Rudolf work passionately on his moves at…

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disability organizations in india - cbm india

Kamla Weaves his Future

The residents of Bakhariya, a village situated 25-30 km off Varanasi, comprises mainly of handloom weavers and farmers. Some families have livestock as well, which supplements their monthly…

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Likith getting Developmental kit

The Irreplaceable Role of Family

While early screening for detecting disability in children is undoubtedly crucial, the willingness of the family to go the extra mile in terms of treatment is more important.…

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