A second chance: Mangilal’s Journey to Reclaim His Life and Independence

Mangilal was making a living and supporting his family by farming, working in others’ fields, and working as a labourer. However, he could no longer go to work when he started losing his vision. This was a devastating blow to Mangilal, as his livelihood was taken away from him. He felt stuck at home, unable to do even the simplest tasks as he couldn’t read or understand what he saw. His close friends and family were concerned for his safety and well-being. The worst came to pass when he was hit by a motorcycle – twice! He could no longer move around independently.

One day, an awareness campaign about CBM India’s vision restoration initiative caught his attention. Mangilal visited the Sirali Vision Centre (VC) for a check-up. At the VC, he was diagnosed with cataracts and required surgery. He got the help he needed from an experienced team to restore his vision – giving him a new lease on life!

Thanks to this treatment, he can safely move around independently and find employment opportunities again. Mangilal has gotten a second chance at life! Now, he looks forward to fulfilling his dreams of providing a better future for himself and his family.

CBM India, in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, equipped 50 Vision Centres in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh to prevent avoidable blindness and ensure quality eye health services in India. These VCs provide comprehensive screening for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy alongside screening for refractive errors, cataracts, and other eye-related issues. We also do active community outreach to identify people like Mangilal and help them access the healthcare they need. These centres are inclusive and barrier-free, with accessible physical infrastructure that ensures access to persons with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women.

By 2023, CBM India will establish 117 fully functional Vision Centres in 8 states of India, bringing quality eye care services to approx. 58,50,000 people in 59 districts. More than 15,73,317 people will get their vision checked, and over 83,611 will be referred to base hospitals for surgery. We will also train over 2,600 allied health workers in eye care and disability inclusion, providing access to our service for over 10,000 people with disabilities. We are working to create inclusive eye care for all and to end preventable blindness in India.

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