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Dare to Hope, Live to Win

While Reena lived with locomotor disability, her husband had intellectual disability. This naturally left Reena as the sole breadwinner.

She had to support them both while already being at a disadvantage, due to her own physical disability. But she had no other choice. The very thought of tomorrow made her nervous.

Upon the commencement of Parivartan Programme at her village, she dared to hope for a slightly brighter future. She immediately noticed how the programme staff worked unremittingly towards sustainable livelihood of persons with disabilities.

When they approached her in 2018, she readily jumped at the opportunity. She soon learnt about disability rights and their entitlements. In terms of generating a livelihood, she initially attended the training classes on scientific goat rearing techniques and organic farming. While, with organic farming he could save input cost (up to 30%), goat rearing helped him earn surplus that could be used for fulfilling dreams of his family members.

Today he is a proud owner of six goats and the secretary of the inclusive Self-Help Group. Reena happily sighs, “My life is beautiful”.

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