Kuraisha wearing glasses

Kuraisha’s Story: Reclaiming Vision to Reclaiming Life

77-year-old Kuraisha comes from a humble background and lives with her family in the Gaya district of Bihar. Life dealt her a tough hand when she lost her husband at the early age of 24, and she was left to fend for herself and two young children. Abandoned by her relatives, Kuraisha had to choose to relocate to a remote area in Gaya. She left behind everything she knew to build a better life for herself and her children.

With no other source of income, Kuraisha began selling bangles door to doorto support her family. Despite her illiteracy, she persevered and made ends meet through hard work. Over time, Kuraisha’s eldest son took on the family’s primary breadwinner role by working as a tailor in a nearby tailoring shop.

Ten years back, Kuraisha started losing her vision. Without access to eye care, Kuraisha continued living with a debilitating cataract. The vision impairment impacted her daily life, making it difficult to feed her grandchildren or contribute to household work such as sorting rice or cleaning. She struggled to recognise people, even when they were standing right in front of her. She had to be extremely cautious while walking, as she couldn’t see things clearly. There came a point when Kuraisha could no longer work, causing her and the family significant financial strain. As days passed, she started worrying about becoming dependent on others.

However, one day, her son’s friend advised her to visit our partner, LNJP Eye Hospital in Kajha, around 20 km from her place. After consulting with the doctors, Kuraisha was advised to undergo surgery for the cataract. Her surgery was successful and free of cost under the project supported by CBM India.

Following the surgery, Kuraisha’s vision was restored. She slowly regained her freedom and could carry out activities she had previously struggled with, such as spending time with her grandchildren and contributing to household chores. Although she cannot resume her business of selling bangles due to her age, she feels more independent and comfortable in her daily life. Kuraisha is filled with joy and thanks the team and the project for the treatment that changed her life.

CBM India has been working in eye care for over 50 years partnering with government and private organisations to provide quality eye care to people with disabilities and marginalised communities. Join us to ensure accessible eyecare and end preventable blindness.

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