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Radha, the 80-year-old Social Butterfly

Looking at the Radha, Shakespeare would have surely remarked “What’s in an age!”

She might be 80-years-old, with two sons, but that never stopped her from flitting about the town in a socializing frenzy. People often lovingly refer to her as “the social butterfly”.

Old age was only a distant relative of hers, someone that she has barely met. Her zeal for life is well-known in the town. Her effervescent personality banishes all the clouds from the faces those who cross her path!

When such an individual loses eye sight due to cataract, it brings their life to a standstill. For the first time in her life, she felt dependent on others and didn’t like it.

But good news was just around the corner – CBM financially supported her cataract operation.

Recently, Radha paid a visit to the hospital, all by herself, for her post-operation check-up. Joyfully she exclaims “Freedom is so important!”

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