Sunaina’s big dreams and her bees

Meet Sunaina: a young woman with a big dream and an even bigger heart. Despite being confined to her home after completing her schooling, her family’s negative views of her visual impairment, and limited exposure to the outside world, Sunaina was determined to find her place in the world. She kept busy taking care of the household chores but was dreaming of more.

When our Atmanirbhar Shamoodhay project team met with Sunaina, they sensitised her about her rights and government schemes. They motivated her to believe in herself and her skills. With the project’s support, she enrolled for disability pension and got her Unique ID for Persons with Disabilities (UDID). Slowly but steadily, Sunaina took steps to turn her life around.

Sunanina is one of the seven trainees who participated in beekeeping training organised by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission. After completing the 5-day training successfully, Sunaina is now a master trainer under the Atmanirbhar Shamoodhay Project. She will soon receive the bee boxes to start her business. This new venture will not only help Sunaina become more independent but will also inspire other girls like her to pursue their dreams. Once shy, Sunanina is now ready to write her story on her own terms.

Sunanina is among the 2000 people who got their chance at a new beginning under our project. The “Atmanirbhar Shamoodhay: Self-Reliant Community” project promotes sustainable and inclusive development in the Dehradun district, Uttarakhand. The project targets 300 people with disabilities, their family members, and 1700 economically disadvantaged individuals. Under this project, the Atmanirbhar Divyang Jan Sangathan was formed to advocate for the rights and entitlements of people with disability. Livelihood activities such as mushroom cultivation, vegetable cultivation, and beekeeping are promoted to link farmers to the market and establish them as essential links in the value chain. By empowering persons with disabilities and their families, we are building inclusive and resilient communities that break the cycle of poverty and disability.

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