Inclusive Education

Ensuring girls and boys living in low-income settings have access to inclusive education systems.
Our programme aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, which emphasizes upgrading the education systems to become more inclusive for children with disabilities.

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Our education programme aims to involve children with disabilities from different socioeconomic backgrounds in regular schools and provide equitable learning opportunities based on their specific needs by breaking physical, attitudinal, and informational barriers. We work on the premise that all children should learn and play together regardless of their different abilities and impairments.

To achieve this, teachers, who are the fundamental enablers, are given additional skills and training. Our pre- and in-service training helps them prepare for the practical challenges of involving children with different impairments in classrooms. Our interventions result in inclusive teaching methodology, accessible curriculums & infrastructure, and breaking attitudinal barriers among parents, peer groups, school management committees, and communities. In addition to this, we also have programmes on early identification and intervention for children who are successfully included in school education.

CBM strives to promote inclusive education addressing above components through our unique programme, learning together playing together

ngo for diasbled persons - cbm india
“The first time I took students of 3rd standard to the Inclusive Park, a girl got so excited that she jumped out of her wheelchair and took almost two steps; we were all so surprised and happy”.


Wandalin Char
Teacher, Bethany Society, Shillong
An Inclusive Park supported by CBM at Bethany Society, Shillong.


Programme Milestones

  • 2019

    Collaborated with UNESCO on release of N for Nose: A report on Inclusive Education

  • 2014

    Launched Include Vidya campaign for promoting Inclusive Education in seven states of India and expansion of education programmes in North India.

  • 1993

    Marga Schulze Scholarship for higher education of girl students with visual impairment initiated

  • 1989

    The first computerized Braille book production system introduced in the Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, Coimbatore with the assistance of CBM.

Our Impact

Disabilities 7,159

Children with disabilities enrolled in schools

Teachers_trained 3,549

Teachers trained

caregivers 8,412

Parents/caregivers trained for home-based academic support

disabilities_enrolled 63, 164

Persons with disabilities enrolled in integrated/inclusive settings

Case Stories

A woman of around 30 years, in a green churidar, poses with her daughter, approximately 8 years old, against a wall outside their home.

Where Every Word is a Celebration 

For 8-year-old Gagana from Bengaluru communicating and listening felt like a Herculean chore, because of a speech and hearing impairment she lived with since birth. Like most parents…

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A woman of around 30 years, in a green churidar, poses with her daughter, approximately 8 years old, against a wall outside their home.

Mothers’ Group: Together We Learn and Teach

Savita Keer, 34, recalls the day in 2019 when a CBM India field representative visited her village of Keerpura, Madhya Pradesh, to discuss the Mothers’ Group initiative as…

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Access to Inclusive Education is the first step towards empowering those living with disabilities to fight for an equitable future.