Education of Children Who Are Visually Impaired

Rudolf: Bethany Society’s Mini-Tiger Shroff

Rudolf is the six-year-old star of Bethany society. He aspires to be the next Tiger Shroff when he grows up. Seeing Rudolf work passionately on his moves at a tender age brings smiles to many faces.

Rudolf was admitted to the institute due to his partial visual impairment, since he could not cope in other institutions. He now stays in the attached boarding facility. The institute tries to shield him by not letting the impairment snuff out his spirit, enthusiasm, or dreams. His teachers lovingly call him “an agent” as he is a reservoir of secrets gathered from the hostel.

You can always find him hanging from his favourite swing at the CBM-supported inclusive park. His teachers are pleasantly surprised at his gymnastic abilities. “Indirectly, this park has given Rudolf his ambition in life,” says the teachers. Ms. Wandalin Char specifically points out that “he used to be an under-confident kid because of (his) impairment, but it’s amazing how, because of this park, he is growing up to be a self-assured individual.”

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